Cool online font creation tool. Long gone are the days of Fontographer.



This is from House Industries, so it’s high quality but looks too retro for most applications in my book. My friend, Raoul, gave me House’s intro set circa 1996 and apart from Neutraface it was all pretty much useless.

I can’t say that I have had a chance to use them that much. I have the “Design for a Decade” poster and a Marilyn Neuhart print but maybe I just have the wrong clients.


Has anyone had any experience with this? Does it make sites load faster? Does it reduce spam? Does it make you better in bed? Comments please.

Electric Avenue

… is just as good as it was 25 years ago. Love that “rrrrr” sound, brilliantly interpreted by revving CB750 Fours.

Font Squirrel

This is a great site for 100% free commercial fonts, thanks to A List Apart. Good for @font-face.

Miss Pink Preschool

This is a year old, my girl is now going into 1st grade

Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte has recently published a fantastically useful book for web developers, Responsive Web Design, which discusses and demonstrates the idea that if you built a site on a flexible grid with flexible images and specific media queries for different viewports and/or total screen areas, we can serve up a site that will be visually optimized for each device (iPad, Widescreen Monitor, Android, Blackberry).

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Rauschenberg Miami Herald

Mary found this tucked behind another thrift store painting and it turned out to be a copy of an edition that Robert Rauschenberg did for the Miami Herald in 1979. No only is there a full article about the man there was only a run of 600,000. Good Eyes Baby! I didn’t take this photo and I promise to post a better one soon. Or at least take the actual picture. I have uploaded a better picture.

Mercedes Belt Tensioner

After battling with my Mercedes (why don’t I pay someone to fix it?) I discovered a PDF online for the Auxiliary Belt Tensioner which was a goldmine since it wasn’t obvious at all. Since my SEO skills are so good, I am reposting it, so that if you need it, it’s here. By the way those Rhett and Link Commercials are hysterical, so check it out below.

Who piled these up and why?

Rock Pile